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Reflective Insulation

What is TempShield™ Reflective Insulation?

TempShield™ Reflective Insulation products consist of one or two layers of Barrier Bubble™ material laminated between two layers of aluminum foil to provide excellent thermal resistance. The bubble contains a nylon- polyethylene air retention layer designed to provide increased strength and puncture resistance and to maintain consistent R-values.

How Radiant Heat Transfers Through Roofs

radiant heat transfer illustration

TempShield® is used as insulation against radiant heat transfer and can be used to its greatest advantage in instances where radiation is the predominant means of heat transfer. It is the bright aluminized film surface of all TempShield® products that gives it its insulating properties. This happens in two ways:

TempShield® is an excellent reflector of all long wave radiant heat that strikes it - reflecting up to 95% of all radiant heat.

TempShield® will reradiate only 5% of heat in which it comes in close physical contact, compared with the approximate 90% reradiation of ordinary building materials, at the same temperature.


High-Efficiency Performance
Thin, lightweight TempShield™ provides resistance against the three types of heat flow: conduction, convection and radiation. It forms an effective barrier against moisture, air currents and vapors, while resisting mold, fungus, insects and nesting rodents.

Easy to Use
TempShield™ is lightweight, compact, and pliable; yet resistant to punctures, tears and cracking. Conforms easily to fit complex shapes. Installation is quick and simple.

Outstanding Safety, Health and Environmental Benefits
Clean, non-toxic, fire-retardant (Class A/Class 1, flame and smoke spread) and made with 20% recycled plastic. No special clothing or protective mask is necessary for handling or installation.

Cost-Effective and Versatile
TempShield™ is an economical solution for a wide range of industrial, manufacturing and consumer applications, and costs about half as much or less as the common conventional insulation.




TempShield® Single Bubble Foil Insulation

TempShield® Double Bubble Foil Insulation

TempShield® Single Bubble White Insulation

TempShield® Double Bubble White Insulation

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