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How to Use Super R Radiant Barrier Products

A significant amount of radiant heat passes through your attic. Radiant heat can pass through the roof, then pass into your home. This causes your home to get hotter in the summer, and colder as it passes through the roof in the winter. Your air conditioner or heater heats or cools the air in your home. Radiant heat escapes through the roof of your home in the winter, and passes through the roof in the summer. This makes your home appliances work harder to keep the desired temperature. Both factors cause your energy usage to increase to maintain the temperature you set. When you are looking to cut back on your energy usage, you may consider using our radiant barrier products. This product reflects the radiant heat back into your home in the winter, and back outside in the summer. This makes the home appliance units not have to work as hard, lowering your energy usage.

Under Roof Rafters

One of the ways you can use the radiant barrier products is by installing it under your roof rafters. When you stand in your attic and look up, you may see wood beams or boards. IF you see wood, you are looking directly at un-insulated roof rafters. A lot of radiant heat can enter and escape through that opening. Taking the radiant barrier product and simply stapling it around the boards can help reflect the radiant heat back out or back in respectively.

Over Existing Insulation

The other way to use our radiant barrier products is by placing it over existing insulation with it. Most attics have insulation on the floors in the attic (consisting of blown insulation or fiberglass insulation) and they may have insulation (fiberglass insulation or batt insulation) on the walls. Unfortunately, over time, this insulation begins to lose some of its insulative qualities. It simply may not be as effective as it once was due to exposure to extreme temperatures and/or age. However it may not be time to replace the insulation. Laying a blanket of Radiant Barrier over this existing insulation helps reflect the radiant heat. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase the effectiveness of any insulation in any attic.

In Conclusion...

There are many ways you can decrease your energy usage in your home and increase your energy savings. The attic is one space that can greatly benefit from radiant barrier to cut your energy usage. If you are considering doing this, place radiant barrier products under the roof rafters or over existing attic insulation. Give us a call to find out how we can help you with your radiant barrier needs!

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