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Post Frame New Construction

post frame application post frame application

Roof Installation

  1. After trusses are set, run two purlins to make sure the trusses are not pulled out of line.
  2. Attach TempShield® 48" Insulation to the first truss with at least 5/16" staples. Temporarily nail a 2"x 4" block to the truss to prevent metalized film from pulling away.
  3. Roll out the TempShield® across the trusses and pull the insulation tight.
  4. Install purlins over insulation. Nail or screw to trusses through insulation.
  5. Install the metal roof to purlins.

Wall Installation

  1. After main supports are installed, staple TempShield® 48" horizontally to the support beams.
  2. Install the 2"x 4" girts and the exterior corrugated metal.
  3. From inside the building, staple insulation to the girts.
  4. If an interior covering is called for, install either metal or wood sheets to the inside of the support beams. This will provide a 1-1/2" nominal airspace between the exterior metal and the insulation and a 5-1/4" nominal airspace between the insulation and the interior wall material.

finished ceiling installation
Metalized film insulation installed
with a finishing ceiling

tabbing insulation
Use silicone on the edges for extra tight seal

side wall application
Shown above is TempShield® insulation in a side wall application positioned to the interior. This application is correct in areas experiencing colder climates.

exterior wall
Shown above is TempShield® insulation positioned beside the exterior wall. Interior walls may then be finished or covered with other building materials with no decline in performance. This application is appropriate in warm and hot weather climates.

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