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Super R Plus® RF Shield

Super R Plus® RF Shield

RF Shielding – Up to 99.06% shielding effectiveness

Innovative Insulation can provide you up to 99.06% effectiveness in blocking RF signals.

RF Shielding projects have gained a lot of interest for many commercial entities. RF Shielding is required between areas where signals can be crossed and interferences create problems with scanning devices and maintaining proper inventory. Innovative Insulation has supplied a number of commercial entities and contractors with Super R® products to reduce these interferences.

Shielding Effectiveness (SE) is the ratio of a transmitted signal received without the presence of a shielding material to the signal received with a shielding material (insertion loss). Shielding Effectiveness is tested using IEEE-299 standards.

Innovative Insulation has tested our Super R Plus® materials to IEEE-299 by a certified independent laboratory. Testing was completed for a frequency range of 10kHz to 10GHz. Both of these materials proved to be up to 99.06% effective in shielding signals.

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