How Can a Radiant Barrier Help Your RV Health?

radiant barrier provides an alternative method for insulating that is unlike any conventional insulation material. A radiant barrier works by radiating warmth from its surface toward other objects that are cooler. This makes it’s an ideal material to conserve energy and increase comfort levels in a variety of applications. While most people think about using insulation in their homes, applying the right type of insulating material in your RV can provide impressive benefits as well.

Benefits of Using a Radiant Barrier in Your RV
In general, RVs are not well-insulated — at least not in the way that you’re likely used to seeing in the insulation in your home. Adding a radiant barrier to your RV can reap some impressive benefits, including:

  • Keeps the RV interior cool: Because the superior ability of a radiant barrier to reflect and push heat away from its surface — rather than absorbing it — applying it on surfaces such as your dashboard and windshield helps prevent the damaging effects of heat and sun. Not only does this keep the interior of your RV cooler, but it can also prevent cracking and fading of the interior surfaces in your RV.
  • Provides a barrier for your generator box: Let’s face it — generators are noisy. They’re often so loud they make it hard to relax when you have them on. They also generate a great deal of heat, which can boost your energy consumption and increase the costs of cooling your RV. A radiant barrier helps keeps the heat from your generator from getting in your RV, because it radiates that heat outward — away from the RV. In this same manner, it can provide a sound barrier that muffles the loud sound of your generator.
  • Protects your RV tires: Your RV tires go through a great deal of wear and tear. Even when you aren’t actively using your RV, your tires are subject to rotting, splitting and cracking if they are unprotected. Covering them with a radiant barrier prevents them from absorbing the harmful rays of the sun and increases their lifespan.
  • For a small investment in a radiant barrier, the benefits to your RV health in energy savings, increased comfort and longevity of your equipment more than pay for its cost. Contact Innovative Insulation Inc. today for more information.