Benefits of Installing Insulation in Your Pole Barn

During the warm summer months and cold of winter, it is important to keep farm animals and livestock protected from the severe heat and cold. If you own a pole barn, installing insulation will help. Insulation can keep temperatures regulated in the barn, making it safer for animals and more comfortable for humans as well.

The “black-globe-effect,” a natural phenomenon that directly impacts the agricultural industry, can be prevented with the installation of insulation. The effect is linked to the cost efficiency of weight gain in meat producing animals and birds. Anytime an animal is exposed to temperatures higher than 78 degrees Fahrenheit, either indoors or outdoors, it absorbs too much radiant energy from the sun.

By installing reflective insulation designed for agricultural use, more than 95% of radiant heat can be blocked. Additionally, reflective bubble insulation will contain additives that will help reduce flammability. A crucial step during installation is ensuring that the insulation you use is recommended for agricultural use.

Below are some important benefits to installing insulation in your pole barn:

  • Many growers find that their animals grow quicker and more efficiently after installing insulation.
  • Installing reflective metalized film insulation also greatly reduces the number of death losses from heat.
  • In the dairy industry, growers report as much as a 10% increase in milk.
  • The conception rate in farm animals and livestock improves by nearly 24%.
  • Broiler feed conversions go from averages of 2.3 to 2.8 lbs of feed per lb. of bird to a much improved 1.99 feed conversion.

When installing insulation in a pole barn, it is important that everything be done correctly. If tackling the project on your own seems overwhelming, call a professional or research pole barn kits, which can provide you with everything but the tools needed and the labor itself.