What is the difference between Foil Vs. Fiber Glass?

To keep your home or business at a comfortable temperature year around, you must utilize highly efficient insulation or barrier materials for your build. Fiberglass insulation and foil barriers are two popular products used to prevent heat transfer and improve the energy efficiency of the building. Fiberglass passively blocks heat transfer due to the poor thermal conductivity characteristics of its glass fibers. Radiant barrier foil, on the other hand, actively prevents heat transfer using its thermal radiation properties. Learn more about these insulation options to identify the best one for your building.

Radiant barrier is part of a reflective insulation system, and it can provide as much as 10% in savings compared to fiberglass.

Ease of Installation
Unlike fiberglass insulation, radiant barrier foil does not cause itching or irritation of the skin upon contact. Otherwise, both of these products are quick and easy to install during new construction builds or complete structure renovation projects. To reflect heat from entering the entire building, radiant barrier foil should be placed over the inner surface of the trusses and studs, while fiberglass is pressed in between the framing studs.

Project Costs
Although fiberglass insulation is readily available and fairly cheap, it often costs more to install than radiant barrier foil. To safely install fiberglass, workers must utilize protective gear and take great care to avoid direct contact with the tiny glass particles. To install foil barriers, workers simply roll out the material, cut it to size as needed, and staple it in place without worry about contact with potentially harmful substances.

Choosing Between Foil and Fiberglass
When choosing between radiant barrier fiber glass and foil, you must consider your energy efficiency expectations, installation requirements and project budget to select the right product for your needs. To acquire radiant barrier foil products for your renovation or new construction project, contact the team at Innovative Insulation Inc. by calling 800-825-0123. You can also learn more information about these insulation types by asking your representative, “What is better radiant barrier foil or fiber glass?