Metal Building Retrofit Installation

Metal Building Retrofit Installation Guide


Before installing Tempshield® Reflective (Bubble) Insulation, inspect the ceiling for sprinkler systems, conduit and lights. Tempshield® Reflective (Bubble) Insulation is usually installed near the ceiling panels.

Tempshield® Reflective (Bubble) Insulation should be installed above sprinkler systems and water pipes to prevent freezing.

  1. Install 1″ x 2″ furring strips on the bottom of and perpendicular to the Z purlins on 22″ centers. Use 1-1/4″ self-taping sheet metal screws to secure the furring strips to the Z purlins.
  2. Butt furring strips together and tape. Staple tape for reinforcement.
  3. Use 72″ wide TempShield® Insulation and staple with sides bent down.
  4. There is no need to cut the TempShield® insulation to an exact size before installing, since the insulation is below the Z purlins.
  5. Use a pure silicone caulk to run a bead of caulk down the edges; press together. This will create a proper seal.*

*Make sure that the silicone caulk is applied in a continuous bead with no breaks. Gaps will cause air infiltration which may cause condensation.


The same pre-installation inspection must be made to insure a safe working environment.

  1. Install furring strips to the Z purlins with 1 1/4″ self-drilling screws on 22″ centers.
  2. Staple TempShield® insulation to the furring strips with 5/16″ staples every 3″ to 4″.
  3. Overlap the edges of TempShield® insulation. Apply a 3″ or 4″ aluminum tape continuously over the edges, sealing and securing the edges together. This should ensure that the insulation is air-tight, eliminating air infiltration which otherwise may cause condensation.


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