How Does RF Shielding Work?

It may seem unlikely that a house wrap that offers RF shielding can really help with energy savings, but it is true. The RF shielding can be used in crawl spaces, attics, garages, basements, and other areas, to stop the transfer of heat and cold from one place to another. It is an excellent way to provide a strong, radiant barrier around a home, or between one part and another part. For example, between the basement and the first floor, or between the garage and the living space in the house. Before deciding if this option is right for you, it is important to understand how it works, exactly what it does, and the best ways to use it.

What is RF Shielding, and What Does It Do?
As a type of reflective insulation, RF shielding is a method by which electric and magnetic fields are disbursed on one side of a barrier, instead of allowing them to make their way through to the other side. With these fields remaining on their respective sides of the barrier (the shield), they cannot cause any problems on the other side of that barrier, such as a raised level of temperature that can be hard to control or maintain. As such, a warm area stays warm and a cool area stays cool. That is very important to homes and businesses, since the ability to more carefully control the temperature can have a big effect on the energy bill, as well as the comfort levels experienced by anyone inside the home or the business’ location.

Residential RF Shielding Benefits
The main residential RF shielding benefit comes from being able to keep a house warm or cool without as much energy expenditure. That allows residents of the home to live more comfortably while power bills stay low. That can mean big savings, especially for people who live in areas of the country that are very hot in the summer or very cold in the winter. Another benefit of RF shielding is that it adds to the appeal of a home if the homeowners ever decide to sell it. Particularly with larger homes, the amount paid for an energy bill can be a deterrent to purchase. With lower bills, that is no longer a factor in the equation.

Benefits for Commercial Applications
It is not just residential customers that see a benefit from RF shielding. It can also be very helpful for commercial applications. Commercial spaces are typically much larger than an average home, and that can make them harder to heat and cool. Add to that space all of the people going in and out every day, letting cold air in during the winter and warm air in during the summer months, and the energy bills can go up by hundreds of dollars per month. With proper shielding to stop so much of a fluctuation in temperature, it becomes easier to maintain a commercial space and make a good profit due to lower energy bills.