The Benefits of Radiant Barrier in Stadiums and Arenas

Innovation Insulation Inc. offers some of the most effective radiant barrier products in the industry. Their products help users reduce energy costs, maintain environmentally friendly building structures and efficiently distribute heat. To increase warmth in the winter and decrease heat in the summer, radiant barriers are an extremely effective option.

One of the company’s most popular products is its TempShield Reflective Foil, available in single bubble and double bubble options. The barrier is composed of a layer of bubble film between two layers of metalized aluminum film. The shiny, metallic surface of the material gives it radiant properties, allowing the shield to insulate against heat. In the warmer summer months, TempShield will keep your building cooler by reflecting the majority of the radiant waves beating down on the building. In the winter, TempShield acts to insulate the building, keeping warm air in and cold air out.

There are many useful applications for this product. One is the installation of radiant barriers in stadiums and arenas. Lining the roof of these buildings with TempShield provides a more comfortable environment for both the spectators and the athletes. The conditions of events taking place in either temperature extreme can be controlled without having to run up the energy costs of heating or air conditioning.

Venues with ice rinks will greatly benefit from the use of a radiant barrier product. These structures usually possess high ceilings, making it difficult to keep spectators comfortable and maintain the correct temperature on the ice. TempShield reflective foil insulation acts to keep in heat in the seating sections without risking negative effects to the ice surface.

The product offers many positive benefits to large buildings suffering from poor insulation or improperly distributed heat. Any business or organization falling into this category should consider the use of TempShield or another radiant barrier product. Save money and increase comfort with Innovation Insulation Inc.