Attic Stair Cover Benefits

What is an Tempshield® Attic Stair Cover? The Tempshield® Attic Stair Cover encases a drop-down stair case that provides access into an attic. The Tempshield® Attic Stair Cover seals the sides and...

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Are All Radiant Barriers Created Equal?

It looks shiny, does that mean it is highly reflective? No, not necessarily. Take for instance, a Mylar balloon or the inside of a potato chip bag. Both of these surfaces are...

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All About Temptrol™

Innovative Insulation Inc. is the world’s largest producer of radiant barriers and reflective fabrics. Its product lineup is impressive, addressing all the varied uses for these insulating fabrics. The company offers Super...

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A Condensed Look at Over 50 Years of Radiant Barrier Research

Where’s the best place to install radiant barrier? What kind of performance can be expected? How does it work in different climates? How does it compare to the paints? These are just...

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Things to Know When Completing Your Own Home Energy Audit

One of the most effective ways to save energy is to conduct a home energy audit. An audit can help reveal where you may be losing the most energy and the parts...

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Radiant Barrier Complements Existing Insulation

To understand how Radiant Barrier works, it is important to remember that heat always gravitates to cold. If you are trying to keep your home cool in the summer, heat is trying...

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