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Keeping farm animals and livestock warm in the winter and cool in the summer is of vital importance. Ag-Barrier® Radiant Barrier products’ flexibility, and ease of installation, makes it the farmer’s problem solver.

Introducing Ag-Barrier® Radiant Barrier

Ag-Barrier® radiant barrier is a woven 8mm thick film with aluminum radiant barrier on one side and white polypropylene on the other. Ag-Barrier® radiant barrier has added UV and corrosion protection which helps manage the harsh environments found in agricultural barns. Ag-Barrier® radiant barrier comes in solid and perforated versions.

How Ag-Barrier® Radiant Barrier Improves Barn Performance

Heat moves three different ways: conductivity, convection and radiant. Poultry, hog or dairy barns typically use insulation with an R-Value. R-value simply signifies the amount of time it takes heat to enter or leave a structure. Metal pole barns are highly conductive and radiate heat quite efficiently. 93% of metal building heat gain in the summer is from solar radiation. In winter months, up to 75% of heat loss is through radiation. Traditional R-Value rated insulation alone is not effective in managing the “radiant heat.” Ag-Barrier® radiant barrier reflects 95% of the radiant heat back to its source.

Ag Barrier® Radiant Barrier in New Construction

Ag-Barrier® radiant barrier blocks 95% of radiant heat from entering the confinement area. In confinement houses where bubble foil insulation is already being used, Ag-Barrier radiant barrier is less expensive, saving farmers as much as 50% in the cost of insulation. According to the Department of Energy, the energy cost savings can be as much as 50%.

Ag Barrier® Radiant Barrier and Retrofits

Most farms have fiberglass insulation in the roof, walls or ceiling. Over time, fiberglass compacts and loses much of its efficiency. Ag Barrier® radiant barrier, when used as a poultry curtain or ceiling and wall wrap, increases the efficiency of a building’s existing insulation by as much as 50%.

Other Problems Solved Applying Ag-Barrier® Radiant Barrier

Traditional insulation loses its effectiveness over time. Ag-Barrier® radiant barrier extends the life of existing insulation. Rodents and pests cannot penetrate the product and condensation rarely becomes an issue. During a power outage, Ag Barrier® radiant barrier reflects heat coming into the building and keeps the building cool longer until the fans become operational.

The “Black-Globe Effect”

The “Black-Globe Effect” is a pronounced stress factor relating to the cost efficiency (or inefficiency) of weight gain in meat producing animals and birds. In temperatures above 78° F, an animal absorbs radiant energy from the sun whether indoors or outside. Farmers will find when they remove harmful heat radiation by installing Ag Barrier® radiant barrier, barn animals grow faster and require less feed and water.


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