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Installing radiant barrier in residences, warehouses and metal buildings can be very lucrative. Prospects are everywhere in your area because everyone wants to save money on their energy bills. The Dept. of Energy confirms that customers can save up to 50 percent off their energy costs by simply installing radiant barrier in their attic.

If you are serious, we can teach you how to sell and install, especially if you are already established in your community and have an existing database of satisfied customers. However, we can also help you start a business or earn a second income.

Innovative Insulation supplies three products that incorporate radiant barrier:

Super R® Plus (sheet radiant barrier) is recommended for attic retrofit applications. Super R® reflects 95 percent of the radiant heat entering a residence, lowering the temperature of an attic 22-28 degrees in the summer, and saving up to 50 percent off your AC costs according to the Dept. of Energy. Ag Barrier®, Deck Barrier® and RF Shielding are variations of Super R® Plus.

Tempshield® (bubble) reflective insulation is recommended for walls, basements, ducts, sheds, metal buildings, crawl spaces and packaging. Tempshield has a higher “R value” than Super R® Plus, and can meet building code requirements depending on where it is installed.

Temptrol® (metalized cloth) reflective insulation is designed for curtains, tents, clothing and other applications where flexibility is desired.

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