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Metal Buildings + Tempshield®

Why Tempshield® Reflective Insulation?

Without Tempshield® reflective insulation, the temperature inside a metal building is often 20 degrees higher than the outdoor ambient temperature. Tempshield® reflective insulation reflects heat out in the summer, keeping your metal building, and keeps heat inside during the winter, keeping your building warm.

Tempshield® reflective insulation also minimizes condensation and blocks UV rays. Traditional insulation delays the transfer of heat, soaking up the sun's radiant rays before allowing them to pass inside the building.

Because of this sponge-like absorption and heat retention, metal buildings are often hotter on the inside than the ambient temperature outside. Tempshield® reflective insulation reflects, rather than delays, the transfer of heat from the sun to the inside of your building.

Unlike traditional insulation, Tempshield® will never need to be replaced. Tempshield® reflective insulation comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty against delamination or loss of reflectivity. Tempshield® reflective insulation also gives you a cosmetic color choice of silver or white facing the inside of the building.


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